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I'm Vinita, from Toronto, i blow out my candles on july 15 every year. i think happy girls are the prettiest. Laughing is the best calorie burner, & confidence is always a must. If you can make me smile then you pretty much have my heart. I love laughing, fashion, scented candles, astrology, my family and friends, interior design, shopping sprees, reading novels, lace, chocolate frozen yogurt with strawberries on top, parls, photography, the beach, traveling, perfume, my followers (I wouldn't be blogging without you guys!) and of course this one boy.

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"I think the most tortured place in hell should be reserved not for traitors, but… for cowards. The weakest, most spineless losers. Because it seems to me that traitors? At least they made a choice. But cowards? They just run around biting their fingernails, totally afraid to do anything. Which is totally worse."
Lauren Kate (via kushandwizdom)

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